Romance Of The Republic By Marie Child

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Romance of the Republic written in the eighteenth century by Lydia Marie Child has an underlying theme of race and racism. This novel illustrates to the reader, the dedication that Child had towards raising an awareness of and challenging the widespread attitudes that individuals have towards discrimination which includes racial and sexual. The book explores the written and underlining rules African Americans had to follow. Lydia Marie Child criticizes the laws and attitudes against African American in the South. Also, Child allows the reader to have a clear interpretation and an insight look on how African Americans and Abolitionists were treated during this era. Although the novel does shine a light on the effects of slavery, it also has an underlining theme of seduction. Seduction is crucial component of this novel to understanding some of the actions of slaves. Seduction is used in two distinct methods which includes persuading someone for sexual pleasure or to make them act or do something they wouldn’t do normally on their own. Rosa is seduced in the idea of marrying Gerald in order to save her from being a slave and poor, her current situation makes her make an impulsive decision. Gerald seduces her because he is taken by her beauty and takes advantage of her current vulnerable condition. Lastly, this novel allow’s the reader to compare the views of the eighteenth century in the South and racism during this era. Lydia Marie Child illustrates her view about racism:

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