Romantic Essay, The Streetcar Named Desire: The Catcher In The Juliet

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The pieces I have chosen to be apart of my portfolio are the Catcher in the Rye essay, the American rebels powerpoint, the Streetcar Named Desire essay and the Catcher In The Rye fishbowl. I chose to include the Catcher in the Rye essay because it showcased my ability to explain in detail quotes from the book and expand on one idea. I also chose this essay because I got an 82% which I believe is a good grade for a hard essay topic such as the symbolism of the ducks. In addition, I chose the Catcher In The Rye fishbowl because it showed my ability to work cooperatively with my peers and actively listen to one another. Overall I earned a 92% on the fishbowl which is an A-. Lastly, I chose the American Rebels project because I did a very good…show more content…
The piece of writing that showcased my ability to write about nonfiction topics and my ability to put research that I found on the internet into my own words is the American Rebel presentation. Along with a powerpoint presentation, I also wrote an essay about Ida B. Wells that in my opinion showed my ability to also be able to write about true life instead of writing about a book. I have progressed as a writer because now I can not only write fiction, but I can also write non-fiction essays as well. One of the parts of the Ida B. Wells essay that I did very well on was my topic sentences and their relation to the body paragraph. With my topic sentences I got straight to the point of what I was going to be talking about, for example, “Ida can be viewed as a non-conformist because she fought for black rights and illegal torture”. Then I went on to talk about her fight for black rights. The piece of work that showed I am a good listener and my progress as speaker was the Catcher In The Rye fishbowl. During the fishbowl I engaged in conversation multiple times and gave my ideas to the group. I also listened attentively to my peers during the fishbowl and added on to what they were saying. I earned a score of 56/60 for student participates effectively. This included, using time effectively in the fishbowl, three quotes or passages used and student engages in a

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