Romantic Love : My Mistress ' Eyes Are Nothing Like The Sun ``

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People experience a plenty of emotions in their lifetime and perceive them in different manners. Love is the one of these emotions, which is widely known and distinguished. Love has been given many types to it, and one of them is romantic love. Romantic love is defined in several ways based on the social and cultural contexts. However, it is conventionally defined as “a powerful feeling of emotional infatuation and attachment between intimate partners” (Diamond, 117). Although, there are still debates and researches going on to find a more precise idea of it. Regardless of this ambiguity, in interpretation, the prevalence of romantic love in literature is quite evident. It has been a part of lyric poetry for a long time. The Poets has used love as subject of their poems and some poets have dedicated their poems to loved ones (McNamee, 663). This essay analyzes two such love poems named as “My Mistress’ Eyes are Nothing Like the Sun” also known as sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare and “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns. This essay argues that romantic love is a natural, instinctive and passionate state of mind, which does not follow idealization. Shakespeare portrays his love as being simple and honourable. He rejects the notion of idealization of a lover in his poetry. On the other hand, Robert burns expresses the depth and integrity of his love in his poem. He announces his everlasting love for his beloved. Romantic love is an influential and a secure alliance. Shakespeare
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