Romanticism In Morden Laura Knight : A Life

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History and art are aspects of life that will go hand in hand until time ceases. Humans obsess over the past, most likely in hopes of finding guidance from those that came before them. Every society has its fair share of artists who take inspiration from the events that define that specific era in history. In many instances, these works often help historians understand the events better than the history books themselves. An artist’s touch often makes the subject seem more personal or conveys the scene of it in a manner that is more relatable to the human spirit. Life through Dame Laura Knight’s eyes was filled with emotion and a form of romanticism. Regardless of subject matter, Knight creates her pieces in a manner that captivates the viewer, making them question the backstory and meaning behind them.
Laura was born a Johnson on August 4, 1877 in Nottingham, England. Her personality was very much that of a tomboy, based on her mindset and how different she was from her sisters. She played games that were more male dominated, was adventurous, enjoyed rustic crafts, and even created imaginary brothers to escape the reality of having all sisters (Morden Laura Knight: A Life). Despite her rowdy nature, Laura was always known to have a love for the arts, which can be credited to her mother. Since her mother was an artist, she was surrounded by creativity all of her life, often finding herself intrigued by her mother’s work (Morden Laura Knight: A Life). According to Laura’s

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