Rome : The Roman Empire

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The Roman Empire

From ages, Rome awakens fascination among people from all over the world, we associate with power and development since antiquity. The architecture is an amazing impression, atmosphere and climate of Rome which I think attracts people from the remotest part of the globe. The roman beginning of urbanization of the cities has inherited most of the “scriptures” from the Etruscans. From them, the Romans has adopted the layout of the dwelling houses all over the city. The Roman Empire and history has started 753pne.

This is showing a topography of early Rome. The heavy outerlines are showing the walls which are known as the “ Agger of Servius Tulliu. “

Also, the urban structure of a Rome city helps to form both cultural and social structure to the Rome civilization, where the population of the city was under control. The Roman style has rapidly developed by taking the influences from different part of Europe such us.: Greeks. They have started to develop Rome urbanism by build buildings that will improve public and military services to the Rome. The Rome had planned big corrugation for particular buildings, like placing the most important buildings in the city. In the past they were set in a chaotic way. During the empire there was define in architectural form where use of symmetry and adequacy was important. The architecture of this period has a representative character and buildings

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