Rome 's Influence On The Mediterranean Sea

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Italy, as we all know is directly in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and is a long, narrow peninsula with a distinct shape- a heel boot with the Apennine mountains running alongside it, and inside of that distinct shape lays Rome. Geography played a major part in the location of Rome and just a few miles from Rome laid the Tiber River right by the Mediterranean Sea. There also was an huge boundary that prevented invaders from invading, the Alps. The Tiber River gave the Romans a source of water, allowed protection and trade while the Mediterranean Sea entitled seaborne commerce. However, Rome was built on seven hills that allowed them to be the stopping place for several people, and for merchant ships sailing in the Mediterranean as well. Along with protection, fertile soil, and water access, Rome also great farming and living conditions. According to legend, Rome was founded in 753 BC by twin brothers Romulus and Remus on Palatine Hill, who fought till death for the territory resulting in Romulus winning; the reason Rome has its name this day. However, it 's known that Latins also lived in Rome around 1000 B.C and built Rome from nothing to huts on hills, and a land filled with cattle and growing crops. Sometime during 700 BC and 800 BC people banded together for protection. Eventually, other groups joined right along with the Latins such as the Greeks and Etruscans, who played major roles in shaping Rome. From the Greeks, Romans learned to grow olives…
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