Romeo And Juliet Analysis

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In William Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet, we follow the two young risk-taking teenagers making some of the biggest decisions of their life. Some of the decisions vary between getting married at 14, committing suicide, and leaving their family and taking on their enemy's name. All the decisions we make can be influenced by people around us, as well as the circumstances. Throughout reading this play, I tried putting my feet into some of the characters’ shoes, keeping in mind the era and situation. After finishing Romeo and Juliet I established a few similarities and differences between me and the characters. For instance differences I found was I had support from my parents with the decisions I made, and I also am able to choose my relationships. One similarity I found was our parents have high expectations. Parental expectations are essentially the way parents expect their kids to live their lives. Parents often expect their kids to be perfect. By this I mean make all the right decisions, do everything the way the parents want it to be done, and live up to their parent's standards. My parents have set very high expectations for me since I was a kid. For example, my parents have always wanted me to get good grades, they have always required me to set a good example for my little brother as well as being respectful. Juliet’s parents have high expectations for her as well her parents expect her to marry a very wealthy man, they require her to be very obedient towards

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