Romeo And Juliet As A Modern Teenager Essay

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The life and struggles of a modern teenager are very similar to that of a teenager who lived in the 1300s. Although this statement may seem inaccurate, if you really look at the struggles Romeo and Juliet faced, and common struggles today, you may find this statement to be very true. Romeo and Juliet is a romantic tragedy play set in 1300s. Shakespeare clearly gives the age of Juliet by having her father, Capulet say “She hath not seen the change of fourteen years” (Romeo and Juliet 1.2.9), leading to the conclusion she is 13. Although Shakespeare doesn’t come right out and say how old Romeo is, it is assumed is not much older than Juliet. Romeo and Juliet met and “fell in love” instantly, even though their parents were feuding with each other. This can be similar to a circumstance today where you might see someone at a party and have a “love at first sight”, “sparks and rainbows” moment. So, I believe Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet transcends time by addressing the issues of change in love, love of beauty, and reckless love, themes that modern teenagers face. “O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!” (Romeo and Juliet 1.5.46). This Romeo’s first reaction to seeing Juliet. Romeo sees a beautiful girl at a meeting and immediately is attracted to her. This can be compared to a modern teen getting over a girl and the first pretty girl he sees, seems like the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on. “Now Romeo’s old feelings of desire are dying, and a

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