Romeo And Juliet Changes

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A New View The story of Romeo and Juliet has characters that make the outcome of the play, these characters are the people that could have changed some of the events that took place in this tragic story. Two characters who could have done a lot to change the ending were Romeo and Juliet themselves, as well as Friar Lawrence. Most of the characters did have some impact on how the play concluded. But these characters made the biggest difference. During the play there are a lot of moments when the relationship between Juliet and Friar Lawrence are shown. This is also shown with Romeo as well. From the book to the movie different personalities and relationships between characters are shown making it possible to see the story in different ways. Juliet comes into this book has a very shy and quiet thirteen year old girl. Her family sees her as an innocent little girl “O, then, dear …show more content…

Since he was the one who married them he was also part of there very few that knew about there relationship. Friar Lawrence was a kind man, and always tried to do his best by his friend and the Lord. When he found out about Paris and Juliet's forced marriage he made a plan to help keep them together. Even though the plan did not turn out like it was supposed to he still tried to help the two teens in love. In the book he was a very patient man, but in Romeo + Juliet (1996) he was more angry toward Romeo when he asked about marriage. But in Romeo and Juliet (1968) he seemed more nervous. He showed this most when they were in tomb and Juliet saw Romeo dead, but he wanted to leave because the guards were coming. Friar Lawrence was portrayed in many different personalities between the book and two movies. Each personality would give you a different perspective on his character making him seem closer or further away in his relationship with Romeo and

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