Romeo And Juliet Introduction Essay

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Romeo and Juliet By: William Shakespeare Introduction The story of Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare he was baptised on April 23, 1564 and he was dead on April 23, 1616 at the age of 52 years old, he has three children Susanna Hall, Hamnet Shakespeare, Judith Quiney and his wife is Anne Hathaway. Romeo and Juliet story is the one of the famous story in the world. The characters is Romeo the boyfriend of Juliet Montague his father Mrs. Montague his mother, Benvolio their kinsman, Balthasar romeo’s seving man, Juliet the girlfriend of Romeo, Capulet her father Mrs. Capulet her mother, Paris the Prince’s kinsman and the Juliet suitor, and others. William Shakespeare he become a famous writer in Romeo and …show more content…

Romeo decides to go to the Juliet house. Paris see Romeo’s coming, Paris challenge Romeo to a duel but Romeo kills him quickly. Romeo come close to Juliet to give a last kiss and dies then Romeo drink a poison. Friar Lawrence explain the whole story into lord Capulet anf lord Montague after that the two families will now friends. Analysis Romeo and Juliet is beautiful artwork of William Shakespeare. In that story it portray the unmeasurable love between Romeo and Juliet. In that stoer the memorable is Romeo climbed to come close to Juliet and to say his feeling for her and they kissed each other. But the most I dislike part is when they both die in the ending, However, it’s okay beacause it makes Montague and Capulet be Friends again. Romoe’s strength is to makes Juliet happy and he do anything just for Juliet. He can give anything just for her. But his weakness is also his too much love for Juliet, because it is the maine cause of his death because he willing to give up everything for Juliet. Juliet strength is Romeo, because like Romeo, Juliet also giving anything to him. No matter how hard the situation is she’s always find a time to see Romeo. But her weakness, to sees Romeo hurting when she saw the death of Romeo she get suicide to show to Romeo how there is

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