Romeo And Juliet Short Summary Conclusion

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The main summary of Romeo and Juliet is a feud between two families, the Montague and Capulet families that takes place in Verona, Italy. It all happened when Romeo snuck into a masked party of a Capulet with a mask on, hoping no one would notice he’s a Montague. There, he sees Juliet and instantly fell in love, Romeo then secretly approaches Juliet and confesses his love for her, after they exchange their loving words, they kiss. When Romeo leaves, Juliet's private nurse approaches him telling that Juliet is a Capulet, but that didn’t stop his undying love for her and when Juliet found out he’s a Montague, that too didn’t stop her desires for him. Later that night, Romeo climbs onto the garden wall into Juliet’s garden, then she emerges out of her room onto the balcony. Juliet then wishes Romeo to shed his name and marry her, before they part, they both agree to have Juliet’s nurse go to meet Romeo and set a place for them to get married. More into the book, more chaos occurs and Romeo gets banished for killing a Capulet, when he was just defending himself, making Juliet go into despair. A little more further, Juliet has to forcefully be married to Paris, but then consumes a sleeping potion by request made by her nurse to make it seem like she’s dead before the marriage, Romeo then hears about his lover’s death. Once making there, he kills Paris and sees Juliet’s “dead” body and kills himself by drinking poison. When Juliet wakes, she finds his body lifeless, she grabs a

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