Romeo And Juliet's Demise

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I fully agree with this quote from W.H. Auden. In my opinion, everyone directly or indirectly contributes to the unfortunate outcome of the play. The ancient feud between the Capulets and Montagues has a profound effect on the lovers from the beginning of their connection. When Romeo and Juliet discover that they are from opposite families, they already know that there will be problems. The two families' inability to come together and settle their differences puts a burden on both Romeo and Juliet, and this burden impairs their decision-making to the point that they commit suicide. Auden effectively describes the situation occurring when he says that it is a “tragedy of a city.” Grief is felt throughout the city due to the losses of life, and the bitter feud of the two families ends only after the heartfelt deaths. …show more content…

Juliet's parents are not understanding of their daughter; they have clear-cut plans for Juliet and come out as controlling. When Juliet pleads to not marry Paris, they show no signs of pity and cruelly threaten to disown her. Friar Lawrence has a great opportunity to reveal Romeo and Juliet's new marriage publically and potentially end the feud between the Capulets and Montagues; however, he continues to foolishly keep their relationship under secrecy. When his plans fail, they significantly worsen the ordeal. Nurse, who has a major influence on Juliet due to their close relationship, does not make things any better; she is not there for Juliet when she proclaims her love for Romeo. She calls Romeo a villain and takes the side of Juliet’s parents indefinitely without showing any compassion for Juliet’s dilemma. In a way, she abandons Juliet and goes astray from their friendship. When combining these three characters’ actions along with the rest of the community’s, we see an outside world that has a momentous impact on Romeo and

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