Romeo and Juliet Research Paper

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The True Hero:
The Superior Character in Romeo and Juliet The play of Romeo and Juliet is different from William Shakespeare’s other tragedies in that there is not a clear distinction of individual heroes. The two protagonists are more passive than active; both are naïve and lacking understanding. The hero is often thought to be the romantic, yet often hysterical, Romeo. But Romeo’s immoral background, emotional outbursts, mishap murders, and foolish actions make him a poor candidate for a hero. Juliet proves to be more innocent than Romeo because she possesses more rigorous moral ethics. Juliet is also more successful in overcoming the obstacles that she is faced with throughout the play. While both characters …show more content…

Throughout the story, Juliet proves her ability to overcome obstacles as she begins to take control of her destiny and no longer lives in the shadows of her parents. Because of her love for Romeo, she is deserted by her father, mother, and nurse. She is almost completely alone when Romeo is exiled. But she refuses to turn back; she won’t forget about Romeo and embrace Paris in marriage as her parents’ desire. Romeo is faced with similar oppositions as Juliet. His family, being sworn enemies to the Capulets, are kept in the dark about his romance with Juliet. Also, when the Capulets begin to perceive of the close relationship between Romeo and Juliet, it makes him a greater target to Capulet men such as Tybalt. There is no doubt as to Romeo’s faithfulness towards Juliet and his desire to do all that is needed in order to have her love, but because of his lack of experience in life, Romeo is not at all faultless. Perhaps the most notable act that sabotaged his relationship with Juliet was his slaying of Tybalt. However honorable and necessary it may have seemed to him at the time, Romeo’s rashness once again rears its ugly head after Mercutio foolishly brings about his own demise. Of course, Romeo immediately regrets his impetuous actions after the grave mistake had already been done as he does many times throughout the story. On several

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