The Slew of Death Caused by Romeo in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

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In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, many characters meet their tragic end as a result of a plethora of factors, from old rivalries to new love. It is a tragic story of two lovers, destined to complete each other, but also to end a bitter feud through their deaths (Prologue.3-6). However, if the blame had to be ascribed to one person in particular, that person would be Romeo Montague. Throughout the play, Shakespeare showcases Romeo’s irrationality and poor decision making, leading to the gruesome deaths of his loved ones. Romeo is most to blame for the tragic slew of deaths because he is oblivious, quick to act, and too urgent in his relationship. Throughout the play, Romeo repeatedly ignores what is completely obvious. In the beginning, he refuses to accept that there are more girls in the world than just Rosaline. This is showcased when Benvolio tells him about how there are going to be many girls at the Capulet party, but Romeo ignores him (I.ii.4-9). This behavior shows that he is blinded by love, impairing his logic. This behavior escalates when he fails to see how dangerous it might be to be involved with a Capulet as a Montague, brought front and center when he goes to Juliet’s balcony knowing that she is a Capulet. If Romeo had chosen the obvious choice of staying away, then their relationship would have ended right there and then, saving both Juliet’s life as well as his own. Romeo’s ignorance climaxes in his final moments, when he finds Juliet’s supposedly

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