Romeo and Juliet Scene Summaries

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Romeo and Juliet Scene Summaries I, i Sampson and Gregory, two servants of the Capulet family, were walking down the streets of Verona. Both of the were talking badly of the Montague family. They see two servants of the Montague family coming their way. They both start talking about fighting strategies. Than Sampson bites his thumb at the Montagues. They all start to fight. After that Prince Escalus arrives and commands them to stop fight or the penalty will be death. After this happens Benvolio finds Romeo. He is very depressed because his love Rosaline does not love him back. I, ii In the streets of Verona Lord Capulet is walking with Paris. They are talking about marriage. Paris wants to marry Juliet. Lord Capulet she is too young and will have to wait at least two summers. Lord Capulet tells Paris about his traditional masquerade feast. Lord Capulet sent his servant to invite all of the people on the list. There is a problem though. The servant cannot read. Romeo and Benvolio were walking down the streets still arguing about his love. They bump into the servant and the servant asks them to help read the list. He does not know they are Montagues and invites them to the feast. Benvolio tells Romeo that it will be the perfect opportunity to meet other woman. Romeo agrees. I, iii At the Capulets house before the feast begins, Lady Capulet and Juliet talk about marriage with Paris. Juliet replies that she has given it no thought. Lady Capulet
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