Examples Of Romeo As A Flawed Hero

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Romeo as a Flawed Hero The word hero has two meanings, firstly that a person would have to be a brave character and is someone who is courageous. Secondly a hero has to be a main person or character in a story, the "Protagonist". Back in the days of when the play Romeo and Juliet was set, people would think that characters had a balance, like a set of scales. On one side passion and the other reason. A balanced person was meant to have had an equal amount of both. You can get an idea of how flawed Romeo may be by the way that his character is balanced. At the beginning of the play Romeo is absent this is due to him suffering from "love sickness" for Rosaline and he …show more content…

But to his foe supposed he must complain, And she steal love's sweet bait from fearful hooks." They discover later on that they belong to rival families. Later that night Romeo is in Juliet's garden and over hears Juliet talking on her balcony, Romeo declares his love for her and climbs up to the balcony, (an action that shows he is committed to the relationship and is reckless having no thought to his personal safety). The problem of the family differences seems unimportant beside their love and they agree to marry immediately, (this sudden action shows a sign of immaturity). Romeo visits his friend, Friar Lawrence, the very next morning at daybreak, who consents to marry the couple in secret hoping that this will end the family feud. Romeo's conversation with the Friar in Act II, Scene 3 shows that Romeo has altered as a person, (he shows a new maturity in that he knows what he wants i.e. marriage and he also defies the feud which spells trouble and can be seen as a flaw). In Act II Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a duel following their meeting at the ball. Juliet's nurse arrives to hear Romeo's plans for the wedding. Juliet goes to confession, meets Romeo at the Friar's cell and Romeo and Juliet marry later that day. (The fact that this wedding is a

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