Ron Williamson, The Innocent Man Essay

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The relationship between law enforcement and prosecutors, which goes hand-in-hand, can’t be overlooked. Evidence of a crime that detectives and law enforcement discover is as equally important as a good trial on part of the prosecution. If detectives aren’t able to find good solid evidence – that case usually isn’t bothered in being pursued. Several years ago, in the late 80’s, there was a murder case in Southeastern Oklahoma which now serves as a tragic example to the need for honest, constitutional work in the criminal justice system. Disreputable investigative procedures, fraudulent sources, and bad evidence were the foundation of this case that shattered innocent lives. I wanted to look at the investigative and criminal procedures …show more content…

After a small talk Debbie convinced Gina that she need to come over anymore and that she was fine. Early the next morning of December 8th, the lifeless body of Debbie Carter was found strangled in her small apartment. The murder of Debbie Carter flipped this small, rural, bible-belt, town on its head. People were outraged, overwhelmed, and stunned that such a thing could happen in this town to a young, beautiful girl whom everyone had known. This gruesome act put enormous pressure on local law enforcement to find the atrocious criminal. Finger prints, hair, and blood spatter was carefully collected from the scene. Over the next few days dozens of people who had seen Debbie the night of her murder went to the station where they were interviewed, gave blood and hair samples. The investigation seemed promising, but months later leads began drying out and detectives found themselves back at square one. Ada was notorious for the ability to find snitches behind bars that could provide crucial evidence to the District Attorney in return for reduced charges or lighter sentencing. According to a study conducted by the U.S. Sentencing Commission, one out of every five federal defendants receives sentencing reduction for cooperation in for testimonies.(Harris). Unfortunately for Ron Williamson, Terri Holland just happened to be a jail-house snitch in Ada who needed to strike a plea deal before trial for what would be her third felony conviction. Over three years of

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