Ron's Loyalty In Antigone

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Hermione’s confounding of Maclagan is extremely out of character for her. I remember being very surprised by it the first time I read the book. For the most part she holds herself to a high moral standard. There have been a few circumstances in the past in which she has done some questionable things one being in the first book when she set Snape’s robes on fire. Her attempt to help Ron make the Team was done with good intentions. She knew how good Ron was and wanted to ensure that the made the team. Also what kind of friend would she be if she did not try and help Ron. Cheating is normally a very bad thing but in some cases I do not see any problems with it. In this case what Hermione did was justified by her friend ship for Ron and the …show more content…

Throughout the series we have seen his loyalty the most extreme of which was his formation of Dumbledore’s army in the 5th book. This loyalty is defiantly deserved as Dumbledore as repeatedly shown that he is working to help stop Voldemort from causing more chaos. Dumbledore is also one of the few people who Harry has ever been able to trust. Since the first books Harry and Dumbledore have had a relationship of trust. Dumbledore often takes Harry’s words to hart and truly cares about his opinions when he asks for them. Harrys loyalty is part of a two way relations ship between him and Dumbledore. Rowling’s treatment of love potions is somewhat lackadaisical and I feel that she could have treated them with more respect. I think that showing the effect that they have on Ron is an attempt to show how dangerous they are but I do feel that they should have been treated differently. The love potions in this series are basically just extreme rape drugs and should have been treated as such. The ability to make someone fall in love with you and be willing to do anything for you is extremely dangerous and should not have been something that was made available in a joke

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