Roth Iras: A Case Study

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Strategies for maximizing retirement income by using Roth IRAs include:

Rolling over tax-deferred investments into Roth IRAs in years when you have lower income or higher deductions to guarantee retirement income that's not taxable
Taking advantage of business losses by rolling over taxable retirement income to Roth IRAs
Deferring Social Security benefits to qualify for a bigger benefit while withdrawing nontaxable money from your Roth IRA
Deducting Roth IRA losses by liquidating the account and taking a miscellaneous itemized deduction for the loss

Retirement Annuities
Annuities are insurance products that can provide steady retirement income.You can invest in an fixedor variable annuity that begins immediately or starts payments at a …show more content…

Pension Plans
Traditional pension plans were once the gold standard of employer-sponsored retirement plans before IRAs and 401(k)s became more prevalent. If you have such a plan at work, your life expectancy and benefits were calculated to set your payroll and employer contributions. Once fully vested, the pensions are guaranteed to employees or their heirs. There are also special annuity plans called 412(i) or 412(e)3 plans that are funded through insurance. Features of these retirement plans include:

Insurance-based pensions provide guaranteed income for both employers and employees.
Returns aren't based on market variables.
You can qualify for substantial tax deductions if you establish this kind of plan for your business, which include a 50% tax credit on startup costs.

Personal Investments to Supplement Retirement

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