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CASE STUDY SAP ERP Configuration Case Phase I – Financial Accounting This case desribes in detail the first phase of the SAP ERP configuration curriculum based on the Global Bike model company. It explains the basic enterprise structure and processes for Financial Accounting. Product MOTIVATION PREREQUISITES SAP ERP GBI Release 6.04 In the initial GBI configuration case you have identified and analyzed problems as well as developed and discussed possible solutions. Before you use this case, you should be familiar with navigation in the SAP system. Level Undergraduate Graduate Advanced Focus Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Authors Simha Magal Stefan Weidner Tom Wilder Version …show more content…

The Search Tool At times in this document, the instructions will ask you to search for something to put in a field. When it does this, simply click on the field itself and click on the icon to the right of it. Clicking on it will bring up another window and you have will search from there. You may also search other field by clicking on the downward arrow that may be on the left or right of the field. It will bring up a drop down menu that have options to choose from and click. How do I proceed to the Implementation Guide (IMG)? IMG is a menu within the system which lists everything on how to customize it. Just like the main menu for transactional data in SAP, this menu is the main menu for configuration data. There are two ways to proceed to the IMG menu. The first is to simply type “SPRO” in the transaction field at the top of the SAP Easy Access menu or (what every step says to do) proceed through the path to get there. The path consists of the following: (In the main menu of SAP, click on the black arrows on the left of these names) SAP menu ► Tools ► Customizing ► IMG ► Execute Project (double-click on “Execute Project”) In the “Customizing: Execute Project” screen, click on the “SAP Reference IMG” icon. Please specifically note that when it says “SAP menu” in the navigation, it is referring to “SAP Easy Access Menu”. This menu is where all of the transactional and master data

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