Rudeness Is The Latest Epidemic

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Being rude is the latest seems like rudeness has become an epidemic. I often say good morning to my neighbor and he always replies…”what’s so good about it?” If someone were to bottle rudeness, he or she would become a millionaire overnight. Rude people are everywhere! They are in the grocery stores, the schools, in restaurants, and even in my household. Nowadays, it is hard to get away from rude people because it pays to be rude; rudeness is used for humor, a sense of superiority, and over-all entertainment. Rude people try to use their rudeness for humor. When visiting restaurants they seem to get what they want by using more rudeness. For example, when their order gets messed up they use rudeness to humor their friends and get the satisfaction of feeling superior to the servers. They even attempt to get free meals. Some seem to get a kick out of being rude to others; they find it really funny for some odd reason. For …show more content…

When a kid is bullying another kid to get what he or she wants, like money or just the pleasure of seeing that person get upset. Additionally, the feeling of superiority to that person makes them feel better about themselves and their miserable life. Feeling superior to some people is really important and makes them feel good. Additionally it's another form of entertainment. It’s entertaining to see someone act out and be rude to someone else. There is an enjoyment in watching the other person's reaction and see the outcome of someone’s rudeness turn into something like a fight or a show for others to enjoy. Finally, being rude is the latest trend its cool to be rude, rudeness is the knew kindness. Rudeness is everywhere. There's no escape from it . You can get what you want, you can feel superior and you can be entertained. If the population of all the people on this planet got paid for being rude everyone would be a millionaire. People could even

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