Ruining Our Brains

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The Internet has ruined our social, physical and mental health more than one way, and it is only getting worst unless we put a stop to it.
I have grown more scared of the world now that technology is over running our life. German Theoretical Physicist, Albert Einstein once said “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction, the world will have a generation of idiots”. When we hear that we don’t really think much of it, a dead famous scientist words, they mean nothing right? Or do they? In the book, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains, Nicholas Carr makes the case that technology is inducing an intellectual decay in our brains. On the website Bruce Friedman blogged It’s a provocative …show more content…

Her responses were a mixed of emotions.
When I asked her opinion on the effects of the internet she responded with “I wish I was born in this generation, but I thank the lord I was not” I then asked her what she meant, she replied “I wish in school I had the easy access that way I didn’t have to worry about finding a way to the library or worry about if someone else in your class grabbed the book you needed first” she added “I believe that if they had the fancy cell phones when I was younger there would have been less kidnapping and murders”.
I asked her why was she happy she grew up without the internet, she said “Because me and your papaw wouldn’t be together because we wouldn’t have communication skills, and if we didn’t t talk 24/7 we would’ve fought because of no trust, I would’ve been 100 pounds heavier and I wouldn’t be as educated as I am now because educated is not important anymore”. …show more content…

I have also given a few ideas on how to correct or make the situation better by enforcing fitness exams, turning the internet off and offering a better teaching system in schools. I also have found examples and resources to back me up, along with famous people that have more of a voice and everyday people that would have the same views. Even if none of my plans or ideas make it worldwide I will follow my own advice and put the phones, and internet on hold every chance I

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