My Messed Up Generation

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I believe we have a messed up generation. It’s true, every kid is disrespecting their parents, on their phones all the time, or even try to “Netflix and Chill”. Don't get me wrong I do all of those things, but I want to change that. The other day my mother left to the store, so she told me to watch my little brother and sister, I was paying attention to my sister mostly on how often she checks her phone to go on social media or answer a text. I counted over 50 times in last 15 minutes. My dad got home from work early and as he was doing paperwork, I asked him on his opinion on this generation. He said that the new technology is devouring the child’s mind to the point where they forget their manners. He also said if we keep going with this technology advancement, we’ll end up like the people from Wall-E. I go ask my sister’s opinion on this generation, she said that she doesn’t see anything wrong with this generation other than that billionaire running for president. My sister is one of those people who want to fit in by asking my parents for a phone and she doesn't even need it. She’s in the fifth grade with an IPhone 5 and I didn't get a phone until the seventh grade. The day after I go on my Snapchat to check all of friend’s storyline and I find this one girl who puts a black screen and having a sad song going on in the background,…show more content…
I remember my mom told me a story when she was a child and how she would go out into the street after school all afternoon until dusk selling homemade candy, just so she can afford a meal for herself. Everytime I hear that story it makes me want to tear up. We need to actually start doing something. We can all change into good people, no more violence, slacking at school, or rude behavior. I believe we can change the world and make it into a better place for the next
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