Rules And Regulations Of Their Own Life

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veryone has some rules and regulations in his or her own life. Some are basic views which define our personality and our character. Being a person who has a very serious approach towards life and someone who has very strong likes and dislikes. I also have some rules in life, something which makes it easy for me to take decisions at critical times. These lines might sound a bit CHEESY and OVER-SAID, but the people who know me well, know that I do follow these rules in my life (exceptions are always there). My attitude towards life will be reflected in these lines. You 'll get a full glimpse of my nature and character. No matter what rule I live by for myself, there will be others who do not agree with my circumstances. Nevertheless, is there a rule I live by, without a doubt I do live by abundant rules which I have learned and experienced from others. When I look at pictures of myself as a young child, I remember when life was simple, and all that mattered to me was watching the Rugrats or SpongeBob. As a baby, many people would notice, I began to change, not only physically, but mentally and ethically. I began to learn, how things progressed and learned about the many new rules of life. An important one at the time was washing your hands every time you use the bathroom and brush your teeth each night before you go to bed. I also had many priorities at my age in that point of my life. A very important one was watching the newest episode of Pokémon each Saturday morning or

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