Rumspringa: Role Conflict Within The Amish Youth Community Essay

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The Amish culture in general try to withhold the same traditions, values, and language as the original Amish. This individual Amish subculture in Indiana displayed in the Devil's Playground goes to show just how culturally diverse society can be. Though the ultimate desire of the Amish is to be a good example of Christ, the community encourages a positive deviance of their teenagers called Runspringa. Starting at age sixteen Amish teens are allowed the opportunity to explore the English world to better educate their decision to commit their life to the church and the simple way of living or leave the community turning to a life of relative deviance. This value contradiction often results in role conflict within the young people. Faron is…show more content…
At age sixteen she felt depression taking over her. After experimenting with deviance did not help she returned to join the church in hopes to shed some light on the darkness of her depression. Soon realizing that the Amish life was intensifying her depression she broke her commitment and left to aspire the English way of life. It is the Amish culture to sanction negatively by shunning anyone who has declined their obligation to the church once joined. Her father called daily remarking how they all needed one another. Velda's deviant reaction to her father's outer control was to prove she could do it on her own, an example of Reckless' control theory. A younger girl also named Velda is an example of a latent function due to techniques of neutralization. She chose to appeal to her boyfriend's decision over her own by opting out of her desire to join the church and instead live an English lifestyle with him to avoid a breakup. According to Sutherland's differential association theory she was more assessable to deviant ways because of the influence her boyfriend had on her. She always intended to return to the community but the overwhelming choices and options of Rumspringa led her to make a big decision for the wrong reasons. Most of the teens live at home with their parents restricting their freedom to an

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