Running Head : Chemical Dependency

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SOWK 751-Chemical Dependency
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Many people do not understand why individuals become addicted to drugs. The truth is drugs change the brain and cause repeated drug abuse. Drug addiction is a brain disease. Drug use leads to changes in the function and structure of the brain. Although it is true that for most people the initial decision to take drugs is voluntary, over time, the changes in the
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This could be affected by a woman’s menstrual cycle. Sex hormones can make women more sensitive than men to the effects of some drugs. Women who use drugs may also experience more physical effects on their heart and blood vessels. Brain changes in women who use drugs can be different from those in men. Women may be more likely to go to the emergency room or die from overdose or other effects of certain substances. Women who are victims of domestic violence are at increased risk of substance use. Divorce, loss of child custody, or the death of a partner or child can trigger women 's substance use or other mental health disorders. Women who use certain substances may be more likely to have panic attacks, anxiety, or depression.
It is important to note that treatment for substance use disorders in women may progress differently than for men. Women report using some substances for a shorter period of time when they enter treatment. However, women 's substance use tends to progress more quickly from first use to addiction. Withdrawal may also be more intense for women. In some cases, women respond differently than men to certain treatments. For instance, nicotine replacement (patch or gum) does not work as well for women as for men.
It can be hard for any person with a substance use disorder to quit. But women in particular may be afraid to get help during or after pregnancy due to possible legal or social fears and lack of child care while in

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