Rupert Murdoch : The King Of Convergence And The Master Of Manipulation Essay

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Media Moguls Citizens do not get to elect the individuals such as Rupert Murdoch, who sit at the peak of huge conglomerates with immense influence on society (Shah, 2012). Cooperate elites and CEO 's at the top of conglomerates have an overwhelming amount of political and economic power. These individuals can filter, change, be extremely selective and strategic about what media they produce and disrupt. As a result, the media landscape becomes distorted and the public interest is compromised. Rupert Murdoch is a key individual within the sphere of media conglomerates. Murdoch has media giants all over the world. Murdoch controls two thirds of the newspaper markets in Australis, has a large share of British media, and has broadcast networks all over America Europe and Asia (Beder, 2012). I argue that he is the king of convergence and the master of manipulation. Murdoch serves as the perfect example for illustrating the effects of cooperate media elites pollution of the public sphere. An example of elites shaping media occurred in 1998. ABC News was set to air a story addressing how Disneyland had accidentally hired a multiple pedophiles as park employees (Reisman, 2007). Producers at ABC, had to kill the story since it defaced the reputation of their parent company. Running the story would risk ruining the Disney brand. This certainly would have brought scrutiny to Disney’s world renowned theme park, which is known to many as “the happiest place on earth”. Disney

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