Rupi Kaur Poetry Analysis

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When first hearing about Rupi Kaur through Tumblr, I instantly fell in love with her stylistic writing and ability to clearly convey images through her poems. In each of Kaur’s poems, she is able to use her own experiences in love, abuse, gender, and heartbreak to write a fluid and heart wrenching poem. Though I cannot relate to all of her poems, she is still able to capture me as a reader into feeling compassion and sympathy towards the poems and her experiences. Poems that she wrote in her book Milk and Honey especially stood out to me. Throughout the book “you are snakeskin” and “i know it’s hard” spoke to me through her language and images created. Furthermore, “did you think i was a city” and “when my mother was pregnant” were also intriguing poems. Throughout these four poems, an overall theme of love and femininity were observed. The poems and themes can be observed through multiple critical theories and lenses, but the reader response and feminist lense were the main two that were reflected in the poems. The poem “you are snakeskin” was examined through the reader response theory. In which, the meaning of the poem was influenced by the readers personal meaning and interpretation of the poem. Rupi Kaur is speaking about the feeling and emotion of the love and relationship. Her emotions are greatly conveyed by personification used in her language. Kaur begins her poem with using the comparison of a snake to describe this love and feeling. In the reference to snakes,

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