Russia Bill Of Rights Essay

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Writing Assignment #2 Russia’s bill of rights had a huge distinct from the U.S bill of rights. I chose Russia for this assignment because of the issues occurring in the U.S against Russia. Russians do not have much freedom rights, maybe that is why they latch out to discriminate against the U.S. Every state has different bill of rights, and Russia has a very strict bill of rights. Russians cannot be any sorts of LGBTQ or they will be discriminated by police or even community. It is written in their bill of rights that they are Ant- LGBTQ. The day of women’s rights a protest took place in Russia, many women had a rainbow flag and were pepper sprayed by police due to it. Several activists applied for a permit to hold three LGBT rights rallies …show more content…

A new law on “undesirable foreign organizations” group came into force, authorizing the extrajudicial banning of foreign or international groups that allegedly undermine Russia’s security, defense, or constitutional order. Any Russian who had any ties with a group or even worse the group of “undesirable foreign organization” would get fines or even a maximum of 6 years in prison. Due to Russia banning groups many of their funding groups stopped funding Russia. In the U.S, citizens have the right to join and create any group due to freedom of speech and freedom to protest. For example, still to this day (2017) many Caucasians build and recreate the group of “KKK”. Which is a racial group but the U.S bill of rights protects their rights to organize the group and run it, but it does not allow racial slurs that can provoke a person for example; threats or killing of any sort. Freedom of Expression is not permitted in Russia. They do not have the right to produce any website or anything that would stifle freedom of expression. September 2015, a law entered into force banning the storage of Russian Internet users personal data on foreign servers and requiring foreign sites that collect such data to store it within Russia. If any Expression is showed the consequence may be up to 8 maximum years in prison. In the United States freedom of expression is protected and allowed to all

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