Russia 's Influence On The Political World

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For the past year in the media there has been a lot of publicity and speculation involving Russia and its alleged influence in the recent US election. This made me admire things about Russia’s politics and how much power they assert in other countries around the world to meet their own agenda. For example using their military dominance to intimidate other regional powers and even superpowers. My hypothesis is that Vladimir Putin has his own political agenda for Russian power, he wants Russia to become what it once was and the rest of the world leaders are too weary or ill prepared to challenge him. To consider this, I split my investigation into 3 key questions; Firstly, ‘What kind of influence does Russia have in the political …show more content…

I believe it is the apparent use of these strategies by Vladimir Putin that have influenced what is happening in the world today. The recent NZ Herald article ‘1990s Manifesto outlining Russia’s plans is starting to come true’, reinforces my theory that this book is being used even today. The article details specific events which have occurred and refers these back to strategies outlined in the book. According to the article one strategy in the book is to ‘steer clear of direct military confrontation’ and instead to use ‘political stealth’ to infiltrate Western institutions. When you consider the controversy of the Russian involvement in steering the US Elections this seems to be what has happened. If the ‘rumours’ are true, actions such as email leaks, alleged links between Donald Trump and Russian officials, and hostility between Hilary Clinton and Putin all point towards Russia’s desire to create political instability in America. This scenario alone is not the only circumstance of Russia’s obvious manipulation. Other examples would include intimidation tactics like recently allowing fighter jets to fly precariously close to American warships in the Black Sea,

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