Continuity And Changes In Russian Eras

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Russia's history is full of revolutions, war, and changing governments. Each generation was welcomed to a different Russia than the previous one. Looking into Russia's past, it becomes easy to see why Russia was in a state of flux. Religious values, economic instability, and scapegoats are a few reasons why Russia kept changing. Most of Russia's culture was impacted by these changes, but nothing changed more than Russian art. Looking at some of the literature, paintings, sculptures, architecture and other forms of art, the differences between the eras are profound. St. Petersburg and Moscow still have century-old buildings, but with different color profiles. There are statues in their town squares representing heroes, but both cities have …show more content…

With no more hope left, death seems to be the better than dealing with the “the storms of merciless fate” (Pushkin 1821). 1822, he wrote Captive. A man is trapped in a cell and his only friend is a bird. While glancing at each other, the bird says, “Away, let us fly!/ We're born to be free, let’s leave, friend, it’s time!” (Pushkin 1822). The next poem, if you were deceived by life, was written in 1925, a year before his meeting with the Tsar, Nicholas I. He writes about the grim present, and how “the days of joy will soon arrive” (Pushkin 1825). All three of these poems were written to describe the common man's life. Every aspect of life was hard in Russia with the freezing weather and the government's authoritarian rule. People were living their lives like caged animals because the government had taken away their natural freedoms, meanwhile, the climate and food supply added to their misery. These poems may not have hit the public right away, but when it did, people realized the depth within Pushkin's words. If you were deceived by life could be hinting towards “the Decembrist conspiracy, an attempt to oust Nicholas before he had even begun his reign” which explains why Pushkin felt the need to clear his name with Tsar (Brooke 2008:114). The first two poems were written around his exilement and show why people loved the way he wrote. He was fighting for the people, and his third poem was written to give the

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