S/O EMT Perez: A Case Study

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On 7/20/2015 S/O EMT Perez was dispatched to PV-210 regarding a pendant alarm. When S/O EMT Perez arrived on scene he saw Mrs. Joan Friberg on the floor outside her apartment. Mrs. Joan Friberg stated that she was trying to open her apartment door and when she did she slipped and slid onto the floor and was unable to get up on her own strength. Mrs. Friberg stated that she her last fall was tuesday and that she had no changes in her medications.Mrs. Friberg is also answering all questions appropriatly and states that she does infact remember the fall. Mrs. Friberg is currently seeing Dr.Kundrat and states that shes not on any blood thinners. S/O EMT Perez performed a pelvic exam which yeilded no pain or grimace in Mrs. Friberg. S/O EMT Perez

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