The Seven Step Model Of A Decision Making Model

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I choice to use the Seven Step Model of a Decision-Making Model for Resolving Ethical Issues in order to define what is ethical in this case study.
1. Gather the Facts
Joanna is an experienced nurse taking care of Mrs. Kelly, who was Joanna’s patient many times in the past for her primary problem which is COPD. This time Mrs. Kelly was admitted with complaints of abdominal pain what was different from her primary diagnoses. Her vital signs were with normal limits and no significant changes from privies results, but for the nurse she looks sick, and Joanna know that something is wrong. She calls the resident doctor, but he tell her to watches and calls back with series changes. Joanna multiple attempts to report that something needs to be done to evaluate the cause of Mrs. Kelly pain was ask to calm down. However nobody took patient symptoms series and the next day patient died.
2. Define the Ethical Issues
The following case presentation illustrates the moral distress a nurse may experience when her patient advocacy meets resistance, and her moral courage is challenged. It also describes ineffective management strategies to help nurses resolve the problem. If doctor or supervisors will hear Joanna and could recognize early that patient has ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm, the surgery would save Mrs. Kelly life. Joanna 's conflicting values were feeling that something is not right with the patient. She was doing what was in her power to make others pay attention that…

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