SALAD Term Paper

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S.A.L.A.D is the acronym for sound-alike and look-alike drugs. In this perspective, SALAD drugs are prescription medications that have names or appearances that look similar and can easily confuse someone (Manasse & Thompson, 2007), especially if the person is in a rush or the prescription handwriting is ineligible. Some of these drugs are remarkably similar while others need incomplete prescribing information, poor communication, listening skills, or a lack of knowledge about the drugs for an error to occur (Goldberg, 2013). Examples of SALD drugs fall under various categories. Examples of SALAD drugs are aminophylline and amitriptyline; amoxicillin and ampicillin; promazine and promethazine; quinidine and quinine; and volmax and Flomax just to name a few. The sound alike and look alike drugs are required to be prescribed with care. First, heightened awareness of SALAD medications is necessary to avoid harm. SALAD medications may contain products that may have the potential to cause harm when used incorrectly (Manasse & Thompson, 2007). A …show more content…

It, therefore, implies that when a person gets the wrong name of the prescription drug, it means that the patient will not receive the required treatment. The other reason why we should have increased awareness on SALAD medications is that some of these drugs contain ephedra, caffeine, and phenylpropanolamine and people who have used the drugs containing these compounds have developed convulsions and fell into comas (Goldberg, 2013). In some extreme cases, the patient may develop complications which were not present before. Next, the customers should be able to minimize the risk of getting wrong medications. Also, the consumers can be aware of a particular drug that is administered and the proper use of the drug. The consumers can be able to confirm if the physician has clearly written the drug’s name by trying to read

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