SWOT Analysis for Invesco Ltd

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Invesco Ltd. 8 ________________________________________________________________________ SWOT Analysis for Invesco Ltd. A. Internal Environment a. Strengths b. Weaknesses Invesco Ltd. is the global leader among independent investment management firms. It has no other business interests which help it keep the entire focus on its prime business line. It has offices in 20 countries and a huge business network in over 100 countries which enable it to serve a large customer base around the globe (Invesco Ltd. Australia, 2013). The company offers diversified investment choices to its clients which include high net-worth retail, manufacturing, and institutional firms. The investment solutions provided to the company are customized according to individual customer needs. Therefore, Invesco Ltd. is the premium choice of large scale firms all over the world. The company consistently provides superior customer services to its clients before and after providing investment solutions (Invesco Ltd., 2013). Despite having a number of strengths and core competencies, Invesco has also been facing certain drawbacks in its operational and financial setup. The company has shown relatively slower sales and EPS growth than the previous year. Due to the consequences of the recent financial crisis, the company has observed a significant decline in the investment activities of its clients all over the world. These consequences brought negative impacts to its financial performance.

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