Saddam Hussien In Tales Of Tyrants, By Dedam Bowden

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Throughout history, tyranny has been demonstrated on many occasions.When rulers wanted to have an absolute power over all the aspects of the country they are ruling. One of the most famous tyrants in the history of the middle east countries, or maybe the history of the world, is Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq for more than 23 years; he tortured, arrested, and killed countless number of people during the time of his reign. In the article of Tales of Tyrants, Mark Bowden claimed that Saddam Hussein was a brutal and cruel leader who used violence and ferocity in order to manipulate the Iraqis and plant his fear in them. Bowden used word diction, and pathos to prove that Saddam is a diabolical and ruthless person who is trying to dominate Iraqis and get whatever he wants mercilessly, justifying his means by believing that he is a direct descendent of the Prophet Mohammed which gives him the right to do anything. In his article, Bowden first starts talking about Hussein’s personality employing diciton words like anointed, and glorious to reveal how important, and confident Hussien was. Bowden articulated that Saddam Hussien, the Anointed one, Glorious leader, Direct Descendant of the Prophet. Bowden was trying to assert that Saddam Hussein was a powerful, influential and strong leader. In Bowden’s usage of Anointed he was probably trying to allude to Hussein’s ordering the genealogists to construct a plausible family tree linking him to Fatima the daughter of

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