Safe Tap Water

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By the middle of the twentieth century, spectacular efforts to improve water-quality treatment and major investments in modern drinking-water systems had almost eliminated the risks of unsafe water. Those of us who have the good fortune to live in the industrialized world now take safe drinking water entirely for granted. We turn on a faucet and out comes safe, often free fresh water. But those efforts and investments are in danger of being wasted, and the public benefit of safe tap water lost, in favor of private gain in the form of little plastic water bottles. People argue that bottled water is more convenient to drink than tap water, especially when people are out of the house and do not have easy access to running water. Bottled water companies have recently made great advances in reducing the environmental impact of their products, and now contribute only slightly to industrial pollution each year. They stated that bottled …show more content…

It is subject to less strict regulations and not held to as high a standard as tap water. Additionally, millions of gallons of oil are required to package and ship bottled water each year, making it bad for the environment. They said that bottled water hurts the environment, resulting in a vast amount of waste each year. According to Meghan O'Rourke, "To many, Evian no longer denotes fresh-faced purity, but an oily blot on the green earth." The oil used to produce the bottles wastes a valuable resource at a time when energy resources are scarce. Additionally, critics say, non-recycled bottles account for tons of waste each year. O'Rourke argues, "Our addiction to water purity is making the world—and our water supplies—unhealthier than ever." A recent New York Times editorial stated, "Instead of consuming four billion gallons of water a year in individual-sized bottles, we need to start thinking about what all those bottles are doing to the planet's

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