Safety Of The Hpv Vaccine Essay

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Safety of the HPV Vaccine There have been concerns about the safety of the HPV vaccines. In Basu’s (2013) article they reviewed the evidence from the phase III trials and national programs for the HPV vaccine. After reviewing the data though the article showed that all the randomized control trials reported both their serious and non-serious adverse events that took place during the phase III trials. “There were 20,000 participants in the trial” (p.4). Pain at the injection site, headache, and fatigue were the most frequently reported issues. The serious adverse effects were very rare so the vaccine was considered safe. When reviewing the safety data from the national programs in Australia there were millions of doses given out and the most adverse side effects there were anaphylactic and allergic reactions, and these were not seen as any more dangerous than it is for other vaccines. “In the US about 40 million doses were given out and among the reports that were received by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System which totaled 20,096 only 8% of these reports were actually were considered serious”(p.5). All the reports were reviewed and could not find any adverse events that occurred that could be ascribed to the vaccine. In the UK they reviewed the vaccine two years after it came out and concluded it to be safe. Reviewing the data from all three counties in the national programs showed that none of the deaths that occurred could be linked to the vaccine. So both the

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