Saint Augustine : St. Augustine

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St. Augustine Saint Augustine of Hippo, also called St. Augustine, original Latin name was Aurelius Augustinus. He was born November 13, 354 in Tagaste, Numidia and died August 28,430 in Hippo Regius. Augustine was known for a numerous number of things, including: his influences in the Church and his writings that helped shape the practice of Biblical exegesis. Theologians believe that his most influential writings were, Confessions and The City of God. Even though it’s been over 1600 years, five million words of his writing still survive. He is one of the most influential Theologians of all time, Roman Catholicism even refer to him as the doctor of the church. Augustine has some teaching that were highly disputed, some of those consisting of: filioque, original sin, doctrine of grace, and predestination. Though, he can be controversial, no one can deny that the church profited immensely from his teachings. Augustine was born into a family that was highly respected in the Roman society. His parents made sure that he got the best schooling around, this caused Augustine to become obsessed with learning. After finishing is school he decided to teach Rhetoric at Carthage. At the age of 28 his ambitious self, chose to leave Carthage and pursue his teaching career in Rome. He taught at Rome for a short time before he became an imperial professor at Milan. After two years of teaching he resigned his position and moved back to Tasgate. In Tasgate he became a squire, as well as

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