Saint Genevieve

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Saint Genevieve is the patron saint of Paris, she was born in the year 422 in Nanterre, France. It is believed by many people that her parents were poor and un-respected peasants named Severus and Gerontia. She died January 3, 512 at the age of 90 in Paris, France due to natural causes and her feast day is also celebrated on January third. When Genevieve was only seven St. Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre visited Nanterre on his way to Britain. Many people want to here him speak of whom was Genevieve, she was singled out and the Bishop had foretold her future. The next day he gave her a cross engraved with brass metal to remind her of her promise to god, and ordered her to never take it if and to never wear any other jewelry. Later on her her life at the …show more content…

However when she began to tell other what she saw many people turned against her, and accused her of lying. Many people believed that she should be “drowned in a lake of fire” but the Bishop Germanus silenced those who were accusing her of false statements, and stopped all who tried persecuting her. During a great Famine in Paris she traveled by boat to Troyes and brought back many more boats filled with corn, although Childeric the king of Gaul who had taken over Paris was a pagan,he had respected Genevieve and spared the lives of several prisoners on her behalf. In 1129 a great fever swept through Paris known as the burning fever, there were no doctors that were able to stop all the people from dying. The shrine of Genevieve was carried to the cathedral, during the ceremony, all who touched her shrine were healed and with in the whole town, no one else became ill, all who were sick recovered and only three people died. Around the same time a shrine for saint Genevieve's at St-Étienne-du-Mont was as under construction, and apparently those who touched her shrine were

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