St. Thomas

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Though the Caribbean is home to scores of wonderful resorts, stores and restaurants, the beaches set the region apart as an excellent family destination. Likewise, St. Thomas is known for its accommodations and duty-free shopping, but visitors are often surprised at the wealth of excellent beaches. From the spacious, activity-filled beaches near Charlotte Amalie to the rocky coastline of the northern shore, St. Thomas has the perfect stretch of sand for every type of traveler. If you are in search of a friendly Caribbean island with plenty of sun, sand and fun, look no further than St. Thomas.

As many of St. Thomas' best resorts are located near the harbor of Charlotte Amalie, it should come as no surprise that some of the island's most well-known …show more content…

Bolongo Bay features a slightly rockier, but incredibly picturesque, coastline and has recently become known as a great location for novices and families to try snorkeling. The onsite rental shops at Bolongo Bay also offer water sports equipment such as water bikes and kayaks to complete a relaxing day in the water. Brewer's Bay is the beach of choice for St. Thomas' residents. The beach at Brewers Bay is clean and wide; the water calm and clear; the atmosphere casual with a flourish of Caribbean hospitality. On weekends, it is common for food vendors to set up shop along this undeveloped stretch of sand, enticing both locals and visitors with some of St. Thomas' most unique …show more content…

Thomas is home to the greatest collection of beaches, many of which feature calm surf and extensive water sport activities. The most popular beach along the eastern shore is Coki Point, a favorite amongst locals and tourists for snorkeling and picnicking in the sun. Though Coki Point is often busy on the weekends, the vibrant Caribbean atmosphere - usually featuring numerous vendors and musicians - makes this beach a can't-miss destination. Tourists in search of the large, luxurious beaches that made the Caribbean famous should also visit Sapphire Beach - a roomy white-sand beach known for snorkeling, windsurfing and numerous refreshment options - and Lindquist Beach - a spacious, undeveloped beach with a truly tropical

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