Saint Honor Cakes Essay

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Staring out as a ring-shaped brioche filled with pastry cream, the St. Honoré Cake has transformed greatly since it was originally created. The very first St. Honoré Cake was invented in the year 1846 by a man named Chiboust. Paying homage to both the saint and the name of the street, Saint Honoé St, with his cake but giving it his own name to the filling. At this time, 1840’s, the world of pastry was evolving especially for the French pastry. It was a time of change from tall, inedible pièces montées to simpler creations that were more flavorful and could be eaten down to the base. This time period was also a time for development of the St. Honoré Cake, the original was very different from the cake we consider to be the ”classic.” The …show more content…

The recipe might look difficult at first glacnce, but it is faily easy to make. It is just a matter of assembeling all the components once they are baked and made.

You start off by making the choux pastry; mixing milk, water, salt, and butter. Then you add flour and stir until it all comes together. Transfer to bowl and stir in eggs until completely they are completely absorbed by the dough. Pipe the mixture onto a pan making small mounds that will bake and become the cream puffs that will go on top of the base. Next make the cake base and cut into a 24 cm circle, making sure to poke holes into the dough. Next outline the circle with choux pastry and then make a smaller circle in the center. Once it has baked you make the pastry cream that will go in the center. Prepare the crème Chiboust then in a bowl whisk egg yolks, sugar, and corn starch. When milk in the crème is boiling pour it into the egg mixture in three increments and boil. Allow the pastry cream to boil and then store in fridge. For the meringue start the sugar syrup by placing sugar and water in saucepan on medium heat. At this time start whipping eggs. When egg whites have soft peaks add the syrup slowly, continue whipping for a minute or so and then add into pastry cream. Then all that is left is to assemble the different parts. Fill the crème puffs with the pastry cream. Then dip them in the caramel glaze and let them rest. Then place them

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