Sales Force Compensations Essay

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Sales Force Compensation

HRM 533: Total Rewards

January 30, 2013

Keeping the moral of sales force in high level is critical in recent economy. One of the factors that enhance the attitudes and the productivity of sales force is a rewards program that recognize and addresses their needs. To assists in understanding the influence and role played by rewards program, Starbucks’s compensation plan will be used as a guide in creating an effective workforce compensation program.

Sales Force Compensation

Throughout the decades, there has been evidence showing that best way to success and gains profits is to focus on rewarding employees not just pay and benefits. Motivating employees plays
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When employees get what they value this will motivate, retain, and attract them. 3. Measure and Manage Cost and Risk: creating balance between effectiveness and cost make a successful rewards plan. Companies also need to manage and identify total rewards- related risk. For example, companies should have a plan to manage funding risk related to defined benefit or stock plans. In addition, they need to be preparing if the plan did not motivate employees. 4. Strengthen Performance Management System: to adopt best practice plan and make it work, it essential to make sure that mangers are effectively carrying them out. Training managers will strengthen the connection between performance management and rewards and improve performance. 5. Sharply Differentiate between Top Performers and Everyone Else:
Employers need to be recognizing the top performers from others. Encourage, them by increasing their salary significantly and provide opportunities for development and learning. 6. Make Communication and Education a Priority: total rewards work effectively when the employees support and understand them. Poor communication may result in affecting employee’s choices from selecting the right rewards.

Describe the behaviors of the sales force that are targeted with the compensation plan.
For an organization to be effective, it must tackle the motivational
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