Salvador Late or Early. (Struggles of an Urban Child)

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Salvador Late or Early: Response to Literature Essay Poverty and stress take away the pleasures of childhood from the children unfortunate to be born into such families. In Salvador Late or Early, a short story by Sandra Cisneros, tells us about the stressful lifestyle of an underprivileged boy named Salvador. Salvador The author believes Salvador is an interesting character because he’s a boy with responsibilities of an adult, he is a solitary and misunderstood kid at school, and because throughout all the pain and suffering he’s been through, he remains unbroken. First of all, Cisneros thinks Salvador is interesting because he’s so young yet so much responsibility is thrown on to his shoulders. He is merely a child him himself and…show more content…
“Salvador, late or early, sooner or later arrives with the string of younger brother’s ready” Poverty stricken Salvador is plagued daily with the responsibility of his brother’s, seen as an invisible nobody at school, and aches with not having a break from this endless cycle, but none of it breaks Salvador’s spirit. He is an engine that keeps running, despite being mistreated, uncared for, and beaten. It’s amazing that Salvador, with his “geography of scars,” and “history of hurt,” hasn’t lost hope. He hasn’t lost hope because he thinks not of how difficult his situation is at the moment, but of the better future soon to come. A future where Salvador’s mama isn’t so busy, a future where they won’t eat corn flakes from a tin cup, a future where his crayons aren’t “little fingers of red, green, yellow, blue” or “nubs of black sticks that tumble,” He remains going everyday with his hopes that keep him going locked inside deep somewhere as he fulfills his responsibilities day to day. Salvador is also kept going by the love he gets from his brothers. Salvador’s name literally means ‘Savior’ and to his little brothers, he is their savior. He provides them with everything his mother can’t give them and with the love they give back to Salvador, he finds strength and keeps pushing forward. “Helps his mama with the business of the baby” Mature Salvador is. Salvador did learn to adapt to his life and became quite mature
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