Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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Lester Nguyen
American Government
Professor Margot Bowlby
22 February 2017
Same Sex Marriage Our society today is greatly influenced through controversial issues over same-sex marriage in America, leaving many stumped and concerned about the ongoing conflict. For some time now, it has been an expanding problem to legalize same sex marriage. A vast majority of the population believe that marriage should be between two genders due to it’s being biblical. The opposition upon same-sex marriage has led to the misconception of civil rights, playing a role in many political injustices and confliction in our economy. In addition, the media has played a key factor in notifying us about this issues in different political viewpoints. For instance, …show more content…

This source has shown enormous amounts of favoritism by declaring same-sex marriage as a civil right, allowing the right to marry whomever based on preference. The enforcement of adopting same-sex marriage as a civil right will gradually affect the area of the religious factor. As it slowly adapts into the environment, the people within those religious communities will come to an agreement of a being’s choice to marry another. Despite the sexuality of that being, the choice will inevitably change the opinion of another sooner or later. As stated in Fox News, “I don’t deny this is going to be an issue… an issue not only for religious colleges but also for churches that refuse to honor same-sex marriage...may face government sanctions...” In other words, the church may not agree to perform any matrimonial ceremonies if it goes against their beliefs and concerns. Therefore, there 's concern that churches who refuse to perform same sex marriage ceremonies may face government enforcement, including loss of tax-exempt status. Overall, the article has shown unjust treatment towards the religious whom refuse to perform matrimonial ceremonies, having their tax-exempt lowered for refusal of same-sex marriages.
An important factor when discussing about same sex marriage can be

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