Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legalized

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Katerina Do
Dr. Clay
ENGL 1302-013
29 September 2015
Issue Proposal I would introduce this issue to an audience explaining that same-sex marriage, also called gay marriage, is a marriage or a civil union between couples of the same sex. I would continue to explain it as a controversial and moral issue discussed worldwide today, due to many gay couples coming out and openly expressing their need for equal rights. I would add onto and explain how supporters of equal rights and those who oppose the topic have both participated in highly publicized legal and social battles for their beliefs.
I know that many are against the legalization of gay marriage, and argue that their religious beliefs give them the right to refuse to serve same-sex …show more content…

I acquired my knowledge through my own personal research on the topic, through web and text resources, as well as virtual reference libraries available to me. I’ve found mountains of books and articles on the legal side of the subject already in addition to the civil viewpoint of the issue. I’ve done this research throughout my years, due to many of my friends being directly affected by the subject, my belief is that it is a new era, and a different time, with evolving traditions. This issue is compelling and interesting to me because I know denying certain people the option and right to marry one another is discriminatory, and creates a second class of citizens within our country. The US Constitution commits to liberty and equality for every single citizen no matter gender, sexuality, creed or race.
I plan to do more research on the legal aspect and the benefits of it that I do not know much about, and to interview supporters as well as those against it for first-hand comments and viewpoints for my essay. I plan to learn the extensive history on the topic, and how viewpoints have changed throughout generations, and it’s emergence in today’s culture.
My main questions would be whether or not the benefits would outweigh the drawbacks of legalization. This would be that in the modern way of thinking, because marriage

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