Sammy 's P.o. V. She Reached Out And Touched His Hand

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Sammy’s P.O.V She reached out and touched his hand, what she saw was not normal, was not right, but before we tell this story we need to go back a few hours…

As normal I walked to the library where I would wait for my friends so we could go back to my house. You see my friends Maisy, Ethan, and Cole all played sports or were class president so I was stuck in the library- wait I take that back I am not stuck I could always find a new ride home because I failed my driver’s test 3 times I cannot drive myself home. OH! And by the way I’m Samantha or Sammy for short. I would find myself a new ride home if it were not for the fact that I tend to be slightly ‘anti-social’ as Maisy calls me and I only have three friends Ethan: Our class
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She knows what each of us gets for mea red velvet cupcake, Maisy vanilla cake and ice cream, Cole sweet bread, and Ethan a ginger-carrot cupcake. Cole sat in his stool at the table near the bright window with his whining face on and finally Ethan said loudly “what do you want?” Cole smiled happy to know someone noticed him “you know the game tonight? I was hoping you guys could come.” I said “I need to interview the new short stop anyway, so I’ll go. Masie?” “I’ll only go if you go Mase,” Ethan said smirking knowing she hated being called ‘Mase’ “if you don’t call me ‘Mase’ I’ll go”
I sat next to Maisy talking and complaining about the cold through-out the whole game. Once the game ended I went over to the locker room meeting up with Cole and Ethan. The moment I saw him my whole world stopped it was like seeing the biggest idiot in the state of Oregon. Lucas came over and yelled “yo, mase!” he went to bro hug me. I shoved my hand out and it hit his chest, I started to see something I’m not sure what, but then it was gone. I fell on the ground my hands hitting the ground with immense force, from what, I’ll never know but the coolness of the hard concrete floor stung my hands as they hit the ground. Scott reached down to help me up, the second I touched his hand that…that vision came back. I watched like someone much stronger than me was forcing
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