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Everyone knows that “freedom 55” (the ability to retire from work at that age) has turned out to be a marketing slogan than a reality for most senior’s in America. But there are still an enviable few who were able to realize their dream (Susan Smith). In March of 2006, I became one of the few that saw their dream come true, at age 58. I retired after 28 years working with the mentally challenged individuals in a large state-run facility. I started working at the facility in the maintenance department, as a housekeeper cleaning the buildings. After two years in that position, I realized that I was capable of completing the duties of the assigned direct care staff, even though I only had a high school diploma. As a result of my natural empathic abilities to influence and manage people and the state offered promotional tests, I was able through the years to work my way up to a second level managerial position. Still, having completed all these levels in my professional life, I had not finished the main item listed in my preverbal lifelong goals, which was the completion of my college education.…show more content…
It was a struggle, but I got through junior high school and it wasn’t until the early 70’s while living in Germany as a military wife, I tested for my GED and passed. Meanwhile, my focus for the next few years was raising my three kids, and unlike my parents, I stressed education as one of their goals in life. Once my children grew up, left home and completed their education (all college graduates), I felt it was finally my turn to finish this
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