Samuel Asare. Professor Marines. Eng 302-B23. March 2,

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Samuel Asare
Professor Marines
ENG 302-B23
March 2, 2017
The Master Behind the Scandal
“The Empire of the Edge” is the article under discussion. Patrick R. Keefe writes the article, and it deals with the issue of Steven A. Cohen, who is a billionaire trader and masterminded the greatest financial scam in the history of United States stock market through his hedge fund S.A.C Capital Advisors. The story as discussed in the article starts with the issue when a medicine called “bapineuzumab” (Keefe) was being developed to treat Alzheimer disease. Mathew Martoma joined S.A.C Capital Advisors and worked his ways to get close to Dr. Sid Gilman, one of the doctors working on the production of “bapineuzumab” (Keefe). S.A.C Capital Advisors …show more content…

His negligence caused a lot of problem for the others. Many people who had invested funds in bapi lost a lot of money due to Cohan shorting of Elan and Wyeth stock. After the major issue that was faced by Cohen and because of these charges, the legal team settles the case at a huge price. Afterward, the company and Cohen separated their ways entirely. Despite this major issue that Cohen has faced, he is still a very active member of the financial community, and considered as one of the best hedge funds manager in the United States by many.
The significant finding from this article is that the world of finance is a very strange world. This world can offer opportunities to many, and at the same time, it can prove to be a mess for the others. Many people are not corrupt in their person, but by being negligent or by being careless, they fail at doing their duty successfully at some points in time. However, what the article talks about is the complete picture. Steven A Cohen faced a problem. He got entangled in an enormous financial mess.
However, not only did he face the charges, he tried to resolve the issues as positively as possible. Because of his efforts, he could resume his career as a financial hedge funds expert very soon. Usually, once a person faced such charges, his or her job is over. When it comes to Cohen, he approached the problem in a very different way by hiding behind the

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