San Francisco, California And Powell Streets

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Nob Hill is located at the intersection of California and Powell streets, and has the reputation for being an elite neighborhood in the city of San Francisco, California. This hilltop landmark continues to attract visitors and today real estate buyers interested in San Francisco apartments for sale are looking at these posh streets lined with history. Its charism from the past eras has enhanced the luminary personality of this neighborhood.
Today, San Francisco apartments for sale in this influential neighborhood have an average listing price of $759,000 compared to other areas of San Francisco of similar listing prices for $750,000. The variances for square foot costs are computed as a result of the apartment’s size and its location in the neighborhood. Top of the hill tends to be higher with declining costs toward the mid-section and escalating again as you reach the lower level location on the city streets.
Here’s an example, based on the current listings the average square foot apartment cost on Nob Hill today. The differences are a direct result of the number of listings and final closing price for the area.
• 450 square foot - $1083
• 598 square foot - $897
• 791 square foot - $676
The differences in pricing for San Francisco apartments for sale, compared to homes in the area are the amenities built into the real estate determining its market value and the benefits of the location. Older renovated apartments have retained their appeal with the inside being

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